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  Personal Safety

kate funk @ 06/ 05/ 2013
This article provides you with useful information about different scams you may be faced with while traveling.
cwo3ward @ 03/ 11/ 2012
Many of us don't think to purchase travel insurance before taking that expensive trip. Here's a number of reasons to consider purchasing travel insurance to protect yourself and your family.
cwo3ward @ 02/ 20/ 2012
Traveling well means being prepared. Bring along the things you will need.
andrew @ 02/ 01/ 2012
It's important to have a strategy combined with a routine to make sure your money stays safe and secure.
andrew @ 12/ 26/ 2011
Just a few tips to help you select a safer hotel room the next time you travel.
andrew @ 12/ 08/ 2011
Help is a lot easier to get if you take advantage of the STEP program when going overseas.
cwo3ward @ 11/ 23/ 2011
All-inclusive cruise? Not if you need an aspirin!
annabailey @ 06/ 21/ 2011
Combining the best parts of hiking and camping, backpacking has been a popular outdoor hobby for decades.
Sebastian @ 02/ 06/ 2011
Empty homes are the prime targets for burglars which is why it is highly important to take care for your home safety while traveling and discourage burglars from picking your home.
Isaac @ 02/ 06/ 2011
If you think that a lost or stolen passport cannot happen to you, you are very wrong. It can happen to anyone and for that reason you should never travel abroad without a copy of your passport.
inetwr1ter @ 01/ 29/ 2011
Tips on reducing the risk of becoming a victim of a robbery when abroad.
Sebastian @ 01/ 07/ 2011
Most forgotten things can be bought except three = money, passport/ID and prescription medications. For that reason you should not leave your home unless you are 100% certain that you have not forgotten any of them.
cwo3ward @ 12/ 14/ 2010
When traveling, insurance can provide protection against all kinds of unforeseen problems.
Sebastian @ 12/ 13/ 2010
Contaminated water is a major public health concern worldwide and travelers should be particularly careful about the water they drink. It is recommendable to drink bottled water only or use portable water filters and water purifiers, especially if traveling to developing countries.
cwo3ward @ 11/ 28/ 2010
Jewelry attracts attention just as much as flashing your money around.
girl_going_solo @ 11/ 09/ 2010
5 practical tips for safe train travel in Indian railways.
cwo3ward @ 10/ 29/ 2010
If you plan to go somewhere that you don't know much about, check the State Dept. website first to learn more...
cwo3ward @ 09/ 05/ 2010
Check their badges and credentials!
cwo3ward @ 03/ 07/ 2010
What is the best way to get local currency when you travel?
cwo3ward @ 11/ 08/ 2009
If you lose anything, you will have phone numbers, account numbers and document numbers to report the loss.
cwo3ward @ 09/ 12/ 2009
One of the scams you run into is the "helpful" local.
cwo3ward @ 08/ 16/ 2009
Don't take the chance of losing your money, passport, credit cards or anything else to pickpockets.
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