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cwo3ward @ 10/ 28/ 2009
Planning for such an inconvenience is easy.
cwo3ward @ 04/ 17/ 2010
I have gotten into the habit of checking the baggage tag after the counter person puts it on my bag(s).
Isaac @ 12/ 18/ 2010
Packing is often a very challenging part of traveling but it does not have to be if you follow the three basic rules of wise packing.
Sebastian @ 01/ 07/ 2011
Most forgotten things can be bought except three = money, passport/ID and prescription medications. For that reason you should not leave your home unless you are 100% certain that you have not forgotten any of them.
Isaac @ 01/ 14/ 2011
Things you must not forget when taking off on the road and how to make a road trip an enjoyable experience for all passengers.
Isaac @ 01/ 14/ 2011
Lost luggage is a lot less frustrating experience if you know what to do if your bag does not show up on the baggage carousel.
cwo3ward @ 06/ 01/ 2012
You don't want your luggage to end up in the "unclaimed" or "lost" pile, do you?
Weilan @ 11/ 08/ 2011
There are advantages to sending your luggage to a destination ahead of time. Here are the steps to follow!
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