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Eating At Restaurants While Traveling Can Sink Your Budget
Weilan @ 10/ 08/ 2010

Eating Cheaply When You Travel


Most seasoned travelers will tell you that you can spend lots of money needlessly on expensive meals. But with some simple planning and looking for the right eating venue, you can save plenty of cash and still eat deliciously.


First, make sure you get a map and find any international restaurant chains near your hotel or resort. Most world-wide chains like McDonalds and Burger King will offer simple and familiar fare for much less that your hotel. Breakfast especially is the meal where you will most likely save lots of money by eating at a major chain. And don't forget to book hotels that include breakfast and fill up with good coffee, pastries and fruit. Some of the hotels even serve hot breakfast items like eggs and oatmeal. Many times, if you eat a good breakfast, you won't feel like eating a regular meal until dinner time. You can just enjoy a snack and skip the expensive lunch. 


Second, ask where the natives eat. The locals tend to avoid loud touristy restaurants and will lead you to inexpensive and exciting dishes. Also consider shopping for drink, fresh fruit, cheese and breads at the local market and making your own snack.


Third, your timing is important. Early bird specials are usually a very good deal and are available at most restaurants. Usually between the hours of 4pm to 6pm, most eateries will offer an early bird special with drinks and dessert included. If you are willing to eat a bit early and catch a late show, you can save enough to pay for your theater tickets!

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