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Tipping Taxi Drivers - Italy
cwo3ward @ 09/ 07/ 2010

I know that every country is different when it comes to tipping. When it comes to cab rides in Italy, we follow the advice given by Rick Steves and round the fare up to the next Euro.


We also pay 1 Euro per suitcase. I think the taxi drivers expect this for handling your luggage, even if they just moved it into the trunk and back out again.  Sometimes the drivers mention it before starting out. 


I had to really fight with myself so as not to over-tip when we went to Italy the first time. In the U.S., we're so used to paying 15% to 20% extra as a tip that I feel uncomfortable when we first arrive.  If the driver was friendly and offered any interesting facts or tips on what to see or do, then I usually will tip a bit more.  When you are lucky to find a good, friendly cab driver, it makes the ride a lot more enjoyable!

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