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Back Pain Relief On Long Flights And Drives
travelbug @ 09/ 06/ 2010

Back pain plagues 85% of travelers. Anytime you are sedentary (still) for hours you run the risk of stiff muscles.


To avoid the pain try this simple upper back/shoulder stretch: put your hands on the tray table if flying, on the dash or at the three and nine o'clock position on the driving wheel (best done at a stoplight first). Then picture a string going from the top of your shoulder to the center of the wheel or a space in front of your sternum and about a foot away. Now pull your shoulder, ie. the string, towards that spot. This is an isolation exercise so keep the rest of your body still. Pull forward and then press back slowly, remembering to keep breathing. Repeat several times and then stretch the other side. I use this often to relieve the chronic driving pain I've developed in my shoulders. May it offer some relief for you too.


There are more stretching tips at my site: DrivetimeYoga.com.

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