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Airport Baggage Tags
cwo3ward @ 04/ 17/ 2010

I went to Salt Lake City one time, but my bag didn't get there. I had the airline (Southwest) put a trace on it. It turned out that the clerk had put someone else's tag on my bag and it went to Texas. I didn't check to make sure MY tag was on the bag before they took it. I do now, though. For just a quick check of your luggage, you can avoid a big pain in the neck!

Also, you should check to see that the airport code is correct for the airport that you will be flying to. Never assume they got it right.

Example of airport codes if you aren't sure what I'm referring to:

San Francisco - SFO
Los Angeles - LAX
Portland, OR - PDX
Seattle, WA - SEA

Always watch the tag being put on the bag and verify that it has the right airport code on it.  You'll have less lost luggage to deal with.

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