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Eating Cheap And Traveling By Train
cwo3ward @ 03/ 20/ 2010

The last three times we went to Europe, we spent a lot of time on the great trains they have there. We would usually buy something to take on the train so we didn't need to go to the dining car.

I noticed that when we bought ready-made foods (like sandwiches, pastries and such), that we always seemed to spend 15 to 20 Euros. This is not much of a problem if you only travel a few times. But, we were on the train to another destination almost every day. After a 2 week trip, we really went through a lot of Euros. And, because the exchange rate was so bad (1 Euro cost us more than $1.50 when you add the exchange fees), we were really spending 20 to 30 dollars each time we did this. It adds up fast!

We started buying bottled water whenever we found a good price for it. Many stores sold big bottles of water for about 1 Euro. Cheaper than at home. Going into a store and buying some rolls, cheese and sliced meat was much cheaper and we could really enjoy making our own sandwiches. We liked to get yogurt when we traveled in the morning and have rolls with some cheese. This was a lot cheaper and it was fun to try and put together a nice breakfast for the train.

It helps to know how much to buy. 100 grams is roughly 1/4 pound. So buying 100 grams of meat and cheese is easy and can be enough for two people. Fruit and yogurt is one of our favorites. My wife discovered yogurt and honey in Greece and also yogurt and muesli in Germany. She went wild over that. It's a good choice for a beautiful ride on a train!

Try shopping the stores just before getting on a train. A bottle of wine is also a very nice touch!

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