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Currency Exchange
cwo3ward @ 03/ 07/ 2010

We've traveled a fair amount and have made some currency exchanges in airports in various countries. We are usually satisfied that the exchange was fair, considering the company doing the exchange has to make money on the transaction. However, you need to be careful when going to currency exchange businesses. We went to one when we ran low on Euros in Italy and once they had our money (the man was in a booth with a plexiglass window), it was too late to back out of the transaction. The man said that he had already processed the transaction and he couldn't cancel it. We didn't like the fees he was going to charge. Of course we didn't believe that, but I had no doubt that he was going to remain firm. So we gave him $200 dollars and got back 99 Euros. Rip off!

Avoid these currency exchange places like the plague. The best way to keep costs down is to use your ATM card at a bank ATM machine that has a partner agreement with your bank. If you must use an exchange kiosk, ask for the total cost of the transaction first before giving them any money. Know what it's going to cost and save yourself the aggravation.  If they won't tell you exactly how much the transaction is going to cost before they do it, then you should leave immediately.  You are about to get fleeced!

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