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Don't Forget To Pack Your Clothesline!
cwo3ward @ 07/ 15/ 2009

Having a clothesline when you are staying in hotels can be really important. A clothesline allows you to rinse out socks and undergarments and dry them out while you are out seeing the sights.  We've effectively used this technique to extend the time between trips to the laundromat. 

I bought a stretch laundry line from the Rick Steves.com website and it worked well, but only having one wasn't enough to hang very many items up to dry.  So, a thin nylon line would be light enough to bring along to dry most things.  I would recommend bringing at least 30 feet so you can string a line between multiple points in the room.  Be careful not to create a problem for the housekeeping staff when they clean your room.  Remember, keep it light!

One other thing is to remember to take the clothesline with you when you leave.  I lost my handy dandy Rick Steves stretch clothesline when we left our Rome hotel one time.  That was a waste, since we hadn't even finished half of the trip yet!

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