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Hotel Nardizzi Americana In Rome
cwo3ward @ 08/ 07/ 2009

We stayed for 3 nights at the Hotel Nardizzi. The price was good, but the place is a little run down. The Rick Steves guide book (Italy 2008) lists this 33 room hotel as "lower priced", which it is. It is also "lower service" and "lower friendly" than the other hotels in Rome we've stayed in. My goal was to keep the hotel costs down as much as possible while in Rome. We received the Rick Steves discount for having the guide book with us and I paid 108 Euros for the room per night. Not bad. 


The hotel elevator is a rickety, old and almost unsafe-looking steel cage. It does not inspire confidence as you move from the main floor to the fourth where the hotel is. Sometimes it quits working and people have to walk up, which is a struggle with your luggage in tow. We managed to avoid that, thank goodness. There is the Hotel Oceania a floor below and it uses the same elevator, as do other businesses in the building. So I doubt that the Hotel Nardizzi is solely responsible for the poor condition of the elevator. 


I have to say that I thought the room was a decent size. It never felt cramped and the bathroom wasn't bad either. The only complaint I had was that the hair dryer hose was broken in half and needed to be replaced (part of the run-down condition of the hotel) and the TV didn't work well with the remote. Oh well, I didn't go to Rome to see the inside of a hotel room. I really wanted to rest and go see some more. The hotel was fine for that.  Last of all, the people at the desk were sometimes helpful, but sometimes a bit surly. One guy was on the phone every time he was on duty, obviously on a personal call. He wouldn't give you your key or take your key until he was done with his call. So you had to stand there and wait while he chatted. I don't get that. I finally started dropping the key on the desk and leaving. He did hook us up with a great local restaurant, though. So I forgive him! The breakfast in the morning was really only some juice, coffee and not-so-fresh tasting pastries and breads. We went out to get breakfast down the street. My wife said she didn't want to go back to this hotel again. I would consider it because the price was right. 


Hotel Nardizzi Americana 

Via Firenze 38  Rome, Italy  info@hotelnardizzi.it

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