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The Hilton Grand Vacations Club In Las Vegas!
cwo3ward @ 09/ 23/ 2009

The HGVC is a timeshare type of vacation plan. The Hilton chain sells time shares here.  I believe you can trade your timeshare for other properties all over the world.  I was traveling to Las Vegas for business and I didn't intend to sit in on any of the sales pitches.  However, I did get a call (twice) from the front desk asking me to stop by the lobby and pick up my welcome package.  They also asked if I wanted to attend a tour of the property (sales pitch).  I declined both times and that was that.


The room was very nice.  It had a super bed that was so comfortable.  It also had a microwave and a refrigerator.  It was great being able to keep drinks cold.  One thing that is annoying to me about hotels in general is that quite often there is no way to keep a few basic things refrigerated when you are staying for more than a day or two.  Very pleasant surprise. I bought a 3 day pass on the Las Vegas Monorail and I was able to get up and down the strip as needed.  The monorail station is over at the nearby Hilton Hotel.  I found the whole property to be convenient and most importantly, quiet.  The deli was all that was available in the building, but the Hilton has many restaurants and is just a short walk away.  I really enjoyed the lack of casino games in the HGV.  I am not much for gambling and I appreciated not having to walk through a casino to get to the room.  All in all, the HGV was a nice choice.  The staff was friendly and the hotel was neat and clean.  I would stay here again if the need came up.


The Hilton Grand Vacations Club

455 Karen Avenue, Las Vegas - (702) 946-9210

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