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Username: cwo3ward

Country: United Statesa

Here are some of the trips I've taken: 
I've been to Italy with my wife three times since 2006. We have really enjoyed all of the countries in Europe we've been to so far. Next time we plan to visit one place for at least a week before going anywhere else. This last trip, we were traveling practically every day. Dragging luggage around is a pain and does tire you out. It's also not very convenient when you want to get off the train and look around. Luggage is a definite problem! We've also been to Taiwan and Korea. We're looking forward to many trips to Asia in the future.

My upcoming trips and the approximate dates
We're going to the 2012 Olympics in London for sure. I hope to add on a side-trip to Belgium and Luxembourg before we go home.

Cruises I have taken: 
I've only been on one cruise, but it was a good one. See the review I did on easyCruise to the Greek islands. The cruise ship itself was so-so, but the destinations were incredible! I feel a Mediterranean cruise is in my future!

A little about me 
I'm a retired Coast Guard Warrant Officer (I took a lot of cruises with the Coast Guard). I'm currently working for the Dept. of Homeland Security (as a civilian with the U.S. Coast Guard). In a few short years, I'll be able to really retire. When I do, I'll be heading for all of the great places people write about on this web site. I've worked hard on this website to make it unique. I hope you will find it interesting and worthwhile. I've discovered a love of travel in the last few years. This website lets me travel through the writings and photos of others every day.

Here's where I want to go and some of the things I plan to see: 
My wife and I would like to spend some time in Thailand and Singapore. We also want to see Australia and/or New Zealand. The plan is to make a list of places to go to and then set out to explore them a little at a time. We have family in Taiwan and we want to live there for a few months every year once retirement begins. I can't wait to explore the world!

My Website URL:  http://www.facebook.com/10minutetravel

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