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Websites and Travel Blogs

Here is a list of useful links that you can use to learn more and do more when you travel.  Do you have a favorite travel website or blog?  If you think it would be a good addition to our LINKS page, then click on +Submit Links and send us the URL and a short description.  Don't forget to login first!  We'll review your submission and add it to the list if we determine that it would be useful to our readers.  Thanks for your input!


Amateur Traveler Podcast
A good podcast about various destinations in the world.


Eileen Barish's Monastery Lodging Blog  Visit Eileen's Blog and learn all about the wonderful Monasteries that welcome you for about $35 a night and up.  Most include half or full board.  France, Britain, Italy and Spain.  Visit this site just to enjoy her writing and photos!


Chris Guillebeau - The Art of Non-Conformity
Chris Guillebeau has a nifty website and goal to visit every country in the world.  He's now at 135+ countries visited.  Follow his progress and read his inspiring manifestos.


Nerdy Nomad
Kirsty is a web designer who has traveled around to some pretty interesting places.  She shares her experiences and also her financial information.  She breaks down how she makes her living and bounces ideas off the people who read her blog.  A worthwhile read every time!


Living in New York 
Living in New York City guide for people who want to make the move!


Working Nomad
"Webby" is also a web designer and travel fanatic who hit the road and earned a living with various websites.  His site still offers a decent forum and a chance to learn more about how he put his empire together.  CNN Money did a story about him and he's written an e-book.


Nomadic Matt
Matt Kepnes has successfully ditched his corporate gig and now makes a living traveling and running websites.


The Big Blue Marble
Paul Heller has an interesting website with lots of good information.  Browse it and see if you agree!


Location Independent
Lea and Jonathan Woodward gave up the corporate world to travel the world.  They have established a lifestyle that lets them live and work anywhere in the world they want.


Unique Travel Experiences  Find unique places to go and things to see!


Travel Resources You Can Use!


Search and Review Hotels  One of Europe’s leading travel review platforms, HolidayCheck provides travellers with over 2 million authentic opinions, photos and videos from other travellers. Search, review and book hotels online!


A holiday to Rome requires good preparation. It is strongly recommended to book a Hotel Rome before you leave and determine what you want to see and do in Rome. Rome4u.com is a complete travel guide of Rome, where you can find information about sights, hotels, museums and the history of Rome.



Unconventional Guides

Useful Links You Can Use

 Here are some of the websites I frequent.  I like to read about people who take a different path.  I'm planning my "alternate way of life" to include travel and volunteering.  For me, the best days are just ahead!

Frequent Flyer Master


Social Web

Working for Yourself Guide