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Topic: Northern California Wineries -Way North !
Only 4 hours from home, we found a part of California that I never knew about. We were out exploring highway 99 in California and we came across Vina California. Now it only takes about 15 seconds to to get through the sleepy little town but what you find on the other side is the New Clairvaux Winery and vineyard. It is about an hour north of Chico and it also the home of Trappist Monks. It was originally a winery built by Leland Stanford and later it turned into the largest brandy distillery in the US. This is place is the real deal, you may be greeted by monks or perhaps the actual vintner herself, Aimee Sunseri. The wine is good, the people are great and it is not a big commercial venture. This is the kind of real world place I like. Ever since then, we have been looking for more wineries in the northern end of the state. Does anyone know of other good wineries in the northern parts of the state?
re: Northern California Wineries -Way North !
I looked at Wikipedia for some more info on this. Leland Stanford bought a building in Spain and had it moved to California. The building sat in Golden Gate Park for years until it was given to the Abbey in 1994. They have been reconstructing the building on their grounds. Did you see this building? There's a picture of it on Wikipedia. It looks like a very interesting place. Do they also make beer there?

      Published: 2010-03-18 21:59:16
re: Northern California Wineries -Way North !
Yes, They are building a new chapel with the stones. It turns out, someone lost the directions long ago before it was given to the Trappists! When it was disassembled, every block was numbered and the exact position was recorded so it could be put back together. Each stone was hand fit so there are no two stones exactly alike. It is about half completed now. They are just making it up as they go. One of the Monks told me they work on it a little at a time as donations come in. So much for planning! After you drive past the Abbey, you take a short detour around a small vinyard and you go right past it on your way to the tasting room.

      Published: 2010-03-19 19:39:13
re: Northern California Wineries -Way North !
So did you buy any wine? How was it? Do they have an organized wine tasting room? How about a restaurant or a picnic area? We always like to picnic at these places.

      Published: 2010-03-20 17:35:36