What are goals?  They’re the things in a soccer game that you try to put the ball through.  When you blast the ball through the goal, you get points toward a WIN.  When time runs out, whoever has the most goals wins.

I want to start (metaphorically) kicking the ball through the goal and collecting wins.  I’ve lived a pretty normal, average life so far.  I’ve nothing to complain about.  But I want it to be different.  I want to be mobile and unburdened – free to check out the rest of the world.  So to get to that point, I recognize the need to have some goals.  If I can realize some or all of them, I should end up doing the things in life that I want most.  So here’s my initial list of goals:

  1. Make the transition from day-to-day cubicle worker to self-sufficient globe-trotting explorer.
  2. Earn income from writing about my travels (figure out how to do that).
  3. Collect travel articles, travel tips and reviews to share with others (already started).
  4. Help others to become self-sufficient so they can do the same thing (share secrets).

I’ve been working at it for almost 5 years.  I’ll continue to learn and make course corrections as I go.  In the meantime, welcome to 10 Minute Travel.  I hope you’ll come along for the ride, help me kick a few goals and ultimately, we might all win at this game.

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