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andrew @ 08/ 25/ 2009
An exhilarating ride on a helicopter followed by a landing on one of the hole-in-the-wall Alaskan glaciers.
cwo3ward @ 09/ 23/ 2009
Riding the Las Vegas Monorail can be a good way to get around the "Strip".
cwo3ward @ 12/ 24/ 2009
andrew @ 01/ 23/ 2010
West Cliff Dr. is a two lane scenic road that hugs the waterside and cliffs of the Pacific Ocean in Santa Cruz, California.
RalphDeAmicis @ 03/ 19/ 2010
For first time visitors to Napa the best choice for lodgings may be Calistoga at the north end of the valley. These tour book authors and guides explain why.
RalphDeAmicis @ 03/ 19/ 2010
So many times when people write about Napa they mention Sonoma in a back handed way, despite the fact that Sonoma is a bigger wine tourism destination than Bordeaux, Burgundy or Tuscany. Also, their history is more significant than Napa and the wines more diverse. Here the authors comment on one more very silly exclusion.
RalphDeAmicis @ 03/ 19/ 2010
Seeing the real Napa, not what most people experience on the main road, is a case of getting off the beaten path. In this article the authors take George Taber task, author of the book, In Search of Bacchus, for missing out on the best of Napa in favor of its public persona.
andrew @ 03/ 28/ 2010
A viewpoint terrace at 5400+ feet above sea level at Death Valley National Park that overlooks most of the valley and it's salt basins
nick.oddrod @ 06/ 03/ 2010
How a borrowed Harley and Highway 1 saved my life
cwo3ward @ 06/ 19/ 2010
Mendenhall Glacier is so close to town and only a few minutes drive from the airport. There's no excuse to miss it!
inetwr1ter @ 10/ 05/ 2010
The Statue of Liberty is the most recognizable landmark of the United States and probably the most famous symbol of freedom in the world.
cwo3ward @ 09/ 19/ 2010
The National Automobile Museum was started when the old Harrah's Car Collection was going to be sold off by the corporation that bought William Harrah's gaming empire.
Sprinter Tour @ 09/ 28/ 2010
You'll be bowled over by all there is to do and see in Alaska,
inetwr1ter @ 10/ 16/ 2010
The Grand Canyon is undoubtedly the most spectacular natural wonder in the United States. The canyon that was carved by the Colorado River several millions years ago has been also declared UNESCO World Heritage Site for its breathtaking beauty as well as diverse biology and unique geological records.
cwo3ward @ 11/ 05/ 2010
The Catholic church built this shrine to Saint Therese, who is the Patron Saint of Alaska. All are welcome to visit!
adams07 @ 11/ 23/ 2010
Lakelocate.com offers you tips and ideas on how to spend valuable time with your family and organize a stress free trip. Visit one of those 3 lake regions and enjoy the gorgeous fall colors.
cwo3ward @ 01/ 02/ 2011
Mount Rushmore was created to symbolize important presidents and important times in history.
Weilan @ 02/ 05/ 2011
Coit Tower is a Monument to the Firefighters of San Francisco.
Weilan @ 02/ 12/ 2011
The La Brea tar pits were very good at catching and preserving animals (and people) from many years ago.
Weilan @ 02/ 15/ 2011
What started out to be a bungalow retreat, turned into a sprawling castle and magnificent mansion.
cwo3ward @ 02/ 26/ 2011
The USS Arizona Memorial is a U.S. military cemetery, where 1,102 were killed.
cwo3ward @ 05/ 10/ 2011
The arch was built 40+ years ago. It's an interesting monument to what man can achieve.
cwo3ward @ 05/ 14/ 2011
Yosemite National Park is gorgeous. Half Dome is just one of many things to see while you're there.
Petal @ 02/ 21/ 2012
The Liberty Bell is a national treasure and a symbol of the creation of the country.
Erinna @ 01/ 01/ 2012
Enjoy a lovely day or two at the Boston Public Garden. Read the article to find out why that spot is so enjoyable...
Erinna @ 01/ 29/ 2012
I am big fan of history, so if you are also passionate about the past, Legion of Honor is the place to go in San Francisco. I spent a whole day in that museum out of my 3 days trip to the city and I definitely don't regret that!
cwo3ward @ 05/ 11/ 2012
The cable cars are still in use. They provide an interesting glimpse into San Francisco's past.
cwo3ward @ 05/ 11/ 2012
A visit to the cable car museum will give you an education on the workings of the famous cable car system. It's probably not what you think!
cwo3ward @ 05/ 13/ 2012
The Conservatory of Flowers is a place that preserves beauty for all to see!
cwo3ward @ 05/ 13/ 2012
Visit the Children's Creativity Museum in San Francisco with the kids!
cwo3ward @ 05/ 13/ 2012
Golden Gate Park is really large and has a great number of things to see and do.
cwo3ward @ 05/ 13/ 2012
The Marin Headlands provide a fantastic view of San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge, along with many other interesting sights.
cwo3ward @ 05/ 13/ 2012
Walking through Chinatown gives the visitor a real view of how San Francisco's diversity makes it a great place to visit or live.
cwo3ward @ 05/ 13/ 2012
San Francisco's Alcatraz Prison sits out in the middle of the bay. Take a boat to tour the world famous prison grounds.
cwo3ward @ 05/ 19/ 2012
Here you have a museum that allows you to play with the exhibits and experience them! And it's a brand new facility to boot!
cwo3ward @ 05/ 19/ 2012
There are lots of things to do at Pier 39. You'll like all the shopping and the sea lions. It's also a short walk to Fisherman's Wharf.
cwo3ward @ 05/ 19/ 2012
Dedicated to Walt Disney by his heirs, the museum is a tribute to his lifetime of achievements.
cwo3ward @ 05/ 19/ 2012
Fisherman's Wharf is actually spread out over a fairly large area and has become a very popular tourist area.
cwo3ward @ 05/ 19/ 2012
The Cathedral (as it is now) was built in 1964. Started in the Gold Rush period, the church suffered through the 1906 earthquake.
cwo3ward @ 05/ 19/ 2012
Lombard Street is crooked and steep and a lot of fun to drive down. If you're in San Francisco, you should make the short journey and get some pictures and video!
cwo3ward @ 05/ 24/ 2012
The Ferry Building has been restored and is now used for restaurants, offices and ferry service!
cwo3ward @ 05/ 24/ 2012
San Francisco' Palace of the Legion of Honor has its roots in France, on the left bank of the Seine River.
cwo3ward @ 05/ 24/ 2012
The California Academy of Sciences was founded in 1853 and has grown to be a 21st century museum.
cwo3ward @ 12/ 19/ 2012
San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge is a romantic icon of San Francisco.
cwo3ward @ 01/ 16/ 2013
Many men lost their lives during the construction of the dam.
edgefallprotection @ 10/ 19/ 2017
Edge Fall Protection specialized in non-penetrating and permanent fall protection guardrail systems for roofs, shipping pits, and elevated platforms

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