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cwo3ward @ 12/ 03/ 2011
I've never been to a luau, so this was both fun and educational!
cwo3ward @ 10/ 28/ 2011
A beautiful building and grounds that are a joy to experience. Don't miss it.
cwo3ward @ 10/ 22/ 2011
Lumbini is a UNESCO World Heritage site - located on the spot where it is believed that the Buddha was born.
cwo3ward @ 10/ 15/ 2011
A UNESCO World Heritage site. Built with an essentially unlimited budget!
cwo3ward @ 10/ 14/ 2011
The tomb was not discovered until 1982!
cwo3ward @ 10/ 05/ 2011
The Roman Arena in Verona is the third largest in Italy and the best preserved!
cwo3ward @ 10/ 03/ 2011
Buffalo hunting done on a very large scale! Visit this UNESCO World Heritage site.
cwo3ward @ 09/ 24/ 2011
We made a brief stop at the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop - History Channel's hit reality show about a family-owned Las Vegas pawn shop.
cwo3ward @ 09/ 11/ 2011
Rahba Kedima remains relatively unchanged, with it's narrow streets and alleys.
cwo3ward @ 09/ 11/ 2011
The oldest gothic church tower in Germany (built in 1330) survived the bombing runs of 1944.
cwo3ward @ 09/ 10/ 2011
With more than 4,000 years of history, Troy is a very important find and is one of the most famous archaeological sites anywhere in the world.
cwo3ward @ 08/ 31/ 2011
A bell on the city wall served the city.
cwo3ward @ 08/ 30/ 2011
The Star of India still sets sail about once a year. Volunteers provide the manpower and take a few deserving passengers along for the ride.
cwo3ward @ 08/ 26/ 2011
This historic city was sacked by the Burmese army in 1767.
cwo3ward @ 08/ 25/ 2011
Borobudur Temple Compounds - the world's largest Buddhist monument.
Weilan @ 08/ 20/ 2011
Wat Pho is known as the birthplace of Thai massage. There is also the massive gold-covered Buddha.
cwo3ward @ 08/ 09/ 2011
The USS Dolphin holds the record for the deepest dive ever recorded. A record that has held up since 1968.
cwo3ward @ 07/ 23/ 2011
Not the Parisian cathedral, but a fabulous UNESCO World Heritage site.
jamie2011 @ 07/ 15/ 2011
One of the most important buildings in Ireland's history, the Four Courts Building is a must see on a trip to Dublin.
cwo3ward @ 07/ 05/ 2011
Saint Herman was buried here after being elevated to sainthood.
cwo3ward @ 07/ 03/ 2011
The city of Kodiak, Alaska has recently installed three 1.5 megawatt wind turbines.
movenpickhotels @ 07/ 01/ 2011
Park, sleep and fly packages are becoming increasingly popular with busy travellers seeking to avoid the triple whammy of hefty car parking charges, hectic check-ins and worry over vehicle security - and one of the latest European cities embracing the idea is Zurich, Switzerland's largest international flight gateway.
Wartburg Castle
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cwo3ward @ 06/ 21/ 2011
An important UNESCO World Heritage site. Martin Luther spent time here translating the new testament from Greek into German.
cwo3ward @ 06/ 19/ 2011
A UNESCO World Heritage site and the city's main church.
cwo3ward @ 06/ 18/ 2011
Ride a train that travels the original route of the steam trains.

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