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cwo3ward @ 08/ 31/ 2014
An excellent place to visit, a fantastic Basilica, with a great view of Florence below.
cwo3ward @ 07/ 27/ 2014
The Palazzo Vecchio was a very important part of the 16th century government in Florence, Italy.
cwo3ward @ 05/ 27/ 2014
There are 40,000 to 70,000 skeletons contained in the ossuary, artistically arranged to decorate the church and the chapels.
cwo3ward @ 01/ 22/ 2014
Hampton Court Palace was the home of Henry VIII. The grounds are expansive and the inside of the Palace is a wonderful trip back in time.
MaryS @ 01/ 01/ 2014
The Croatian city of Rijeka, apart from being the country's principal seaport, cultural center and an emerging tourist destination, is known as the location of a unique historical monument - the Trsat Castle.
cwo3ward @ 12/ 24/ 2013
A visit to Greve in Chianti is a wonderful chance to see a proud town with a fabulous history to boast about. They have the Chianti Classico and are fiercely proud of it - as well they should be.
cwo3ward @ 12/ 24/ 2013
There are many great wineries in the Chianti region. We took a tour of Castello Il Palagio and loved the food and wine. We took three bottles home with us!
cwo3ward @ 12/ 21/ 2013
Nelson Mandela House
cwo3ward @ 12/ 21/ 2013
Bishop Desmond Tutu House is not far from the Nelson Mandela house museum.
cwo3ward @ 11/ 17/ 2013
The wealthy and important people of Rome built some amazing things for themselves. This pyramid is the only one that remains.
cwo3ward @ 11/ 17/ 2013
Visit the historic center of Brugge - a UNESCO World Heritage site!
cwo3ward @ 11/ 09/ 2013
A place to have sick dolls healed!
cwo3ward @ 11/ 09/ 2013
If it's good enough for King Herod, then it might be a place you would want to visit!
cwo3ward @ 08/ 02/ 2013
It's a river that defines the border between France and Belgium, at least for a short distance!
cwo3ward @ 08/ 02/ 2013
Carved out of the limestone by the River Axe.
maya @ 06/ 29/ 2013
The Adelaide entertainment center is known for hosting some of the most famous entertainment events in Australia. It is used both for entertainment and sporting events and it is the biggest arena in all of southern Australia.
maya @ 06/ 29/ 2013
If you want to use a yacht charter and visit Sydney Harbour, you will see the most important historical complexes of the area: Fort Denison.
cwo3ward @ 01/ 16/ 2013
Many men lost their lives during the construction of the dam.
cwo3ward @ 12/ 20/ 2012
X-caret is a unique and interesting combination of theme park, safari and aquarium.
cwo3ward @ 12/ 19/ 2012
San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge is a romantic icon of San Francisco.
cwo3ward @ 12/ 15/ 2012
A visit to the Kennedy Space Center is something you'll never forget. The sheer size of the buildings is so amazing!
cwo3ward @ 11/ 29/ 2012
The Van Gogh museum houses a large collection of Van Gogh's work.
andrew @ 10/ 31/ 2012
Ithaa Restaurant in the Maldives is an unforgettable dining experience.
Weilan @ 10/ 18/ 2012
Stonehenge is a must-see when visiting London. Take the time to go see it!
Weilan @ 10/ 18/ 2012
A fun place to visit for children and grownups alike!
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