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Turkish Carpets From Kusadasi, Turkey
cwo3ward @ 06/ 19/ 2010

After finishing a very interesting tour of Ephesus and the House of the Virgin Mary, we returned to Kusadasi. Before being released from the 4 hour excursion, we were all directed into a turkish rug showroom, where they supposedly made and sold rugs. I think it was strictly a showroom built to sell rugs to the cruise ship tourists. Notice in the video that the gentleman talking speaks excellent english.

The sales people were very friendly and courteous. They sat us down on benches that were built all around the room and served us a glass of apple tea. They said that apple tea was a common turkish drink and they used that to get us to go inside in the first place.

After the owner talked to us about the carpets and how they were made and what they were made of, the sales pitch began. As part of a "captive" audience, I was feeling a bit uncomfortable. I noticed that the doorway was now covered with a large carpet, so that no one could easily leave. We got up and walked around a bit. A salesman rushed over and tried to get us to pick out a carpet we liked. I asked about a small one that was no bigger than 3 feet by 5 feet. He told me it was 900 Euros (at the current exchange rate, that was $1,350.00 to us). That was all I needed to hear. I made a bee-line for the door.

In fairness to the carpet shop, they had some really beautiful wool, cotton and silk rugs. They make their living selling them to tourists, of course. We were told by the Cruise Director that you should bargain with the sales people in Turkey. Most places can be haggled down to half or less. Even so, the carpets were high quality at a high cost. I didn't see anyone buying one, but we left before most people. They had a nice showroom and must be successful selling to tourists. Just not to this tourist!

What were the WOW moments you experienced?
The rugs were beautiful, no doubt about that. The demonstration they gave us on the double-knot technique they use to make their rugs was interesting.
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