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The Theater At Epidaurus, Greece
cwo3ward @ 01/ 02/ 2010

The theater was designed and built in the 4th century BC. Originally, there were 34 rows, but the Romans later added 21 rows. The theater is designed to have a great view of the landscape. The view is considered by the Greeks to be an important and integral part of the theater. The theater can seat 15,000 people.

The acoustics are so good that all seats can easily hear and understand what is being said. When we were there, a man started to sing an Italian opera song and I could hear him very clearly while I stood on the top row. The sound seems to float up and across the seats. It's an interesting phenomenon.

The theater has been studied to find out how and why it possesses such remarkable acoustic properties. The conclusion is that it was either just an accident or the result of some advanced design. Apparently no one knows for sure.

I do know that I have never been to such an impressive theater setting. To think that for 2,500 years, people have been using this theater for dramatic productions is amazing. I would like to attend a concert there some day.

What were the WOW moments you experienced?
Standing on the top row of the theater and being able to hear some of the things being said by people standing on the stage area. Because there were a lot of tourists, the noise level was a bit high, but the effect is there and it was very interesting to experience.
Greece, Epidaurus, The Theater of Epidaurus

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