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Mycenae - The Treasury Of Atreus
cwo3ward @ 12/ 12/ 2009

The tomb or "Tholos" is built into the side of a hill and constructed with mud bricks or stone.  The tomb is shaped by bringing the sides in a little closer at each level until a sort of dome is formed.  When the last portion of the structure is complete, it is covered with soil and the inside walls can be decorated with gold, silver and bronze. 

The tomb was most likely built for a sovereign who may have been involved with the reconstruction of the citadel at Mycenae.  Archaeologists aren't sure who was buried here.  There is another burial chamber off to the side that is visible but is not something tourists can go see.  Because of the low light conditions, it was hard for me to get good pictures with the small camera I brought.  On a sunny day, it would be a lot easier to take some really good pictures.

The tomb was built about 1,250 BC.  The beehive tomb was a common type of tomb built in this time.  Because of the large size of the tomb, most likely only very rich people or royalty could afford to have such an impressive burial chamber.  According to our tour guide, the huge stone that sits at the entrance to the tomb weighs approximately 125 tons!  As I walked beneath it, I wondered how in the world they managed to hoist this incredibly large stone into place.  See the pictures I took of the front entrance.

What were the WOW moments you experienced?
When we signed up for the tour of ancient sites on the Peloponnese, I didn't know we would get to see the beehive tomb, or Treasury of Atreus. I was stunned when I walked down the entryway to the tomb and saw the really impressive stone construction. What really impressed me though, was going inside and seeing the dome that was formed by the stones and the very high ceiling. If we had seen nothing else but this tomb, I would have been satisfied and pleased. It was that great!
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