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Ephesus - One Of The Seven Cities Named By The Apostle John In The Book Of Revelation
cwo3ward @ 12/ 08/ 2009

The city of Ephesus was the second largest city during the time of the Roman Emperor Augustus. The city has a long, rich history that goes back to the 6th century BC and beyond. The city went through many changes over the years, but none so great as the silting up of the harbor, which was just a short distance from the city limits. The Ephesians depended on this port area to conduct trade. When the harbor became unusable, and the area became marshy, an outbreak of malaria-carrying mosquitos killed a lot of people. Every year, malaria claimed more victims until the King dammed up the sewers and forced the remaining people to move out of the area. The city was deserted for a time after that.


We visited Ephesus with an organized tour group.  After entering the site, we were led down a hill through the main street.  There were baths, a temple dedicated to Roman Emperor Hadrian, a public toilet area, and many other sites as we moved down the hill.  At the end of the street was the famous Library of Celsus, the facade of which has been heavily restored.  Further down the hill is the excellent theatre, where concerts are still held.  The boulevard all through the city is paved with marble, which is just amazing to see.  If you have a chance to look at Ephesus on Google Earth, just type in "Ephesus, Turkey" and zoom in to see the city, the theater and the marble-covered streets.  It's a great thing to see!

What were the WOW moments you experienced?
Ephesus is an amazing thing to see. I have tried to find out more about the various buildings and structures so I could write about them. I would really like to return to Turkey and see Ephesus again.
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