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Pompeii - The Plaster Casts Of The Residents
cwo3ward @ 11/ 26/ 2009

Historians say that about 2,000 people were buried in Pompeii while tens of thousands more were able to flee the city.  The event happened so quickly that the people who remained in the city were quickly killed by the poisonous gases emitted from the volcano and then they were buried under tons of debris that froze them in time.  It would be 1600 years later that excavation work began in earnest.  The video below has a good description of how the plaster casts of the bodies were made.  There were women found clutching children, dogs and other animals and groups of people huddled together.


It's humbling to learn about what happened to the residents of Pompeii.  They had to choose whether to stay and see what would happen, or flee by boat, on foot or by cart.  In any case, it was hard to get far enough away from Vesuvius to avoid being killed by poisonous gases or falling debris.

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I hadn't read anything about the plaster casts that were made during the excavation work. It was eerie and chilling to see the casts up close, since bone fragments, skulls and teeth were clearly visible in the plaster.
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