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Mycenae - The Lion Gate
cwo3ward @ 11/ 24/ 2009

The Lion Gate is a very famous site.  It has a longer history B.C. than A.D.!  There are thousands of years of artifacts found here, from the Neolithic age, through the entire Bronze age, the Helladic period and into a gradual decline.  I saw a grave circle (called Grave Circle A) where the remains of many warriors and royalty were buried in shaft graves.  Cups, swords and other artifacts were uncovered, as well as a death mask made of gold.  This mask was found by Heinrich Schliemann, who claimed that it must be the mask of Agamemnon.


It was hard to figure out what was what as I walked up and around the walls of the citadel.  The grave circle was easy to identify, but everything else was a mystery.  There was so much rain falling that it was all I could do to keep my camera from getting soaked.  I stopped at some of the signs posted and read about the various parts of the citadel as I walked the paths set up for the tourists.  The stones used to build some of the walls were just massive.  The blocks of stone used to fortify the citadel were rebuilt in about 1350 B.C. in a style called cyclopean because people later believed that only the cyclops (mythical one-eyed giant) could have done this construction.  I really enjoyed the all-too-short visit to Mycenae and hope to return some day.  It was a long ride through the Greek countryside to get there and I can't imagine that I will have an opportunity to go back any time soon.  But, you never know!  Maybe I'll make my way back to see Sparta!

What were the WOW moments you experienced?
It was raining when we arrived at the Lion Gate at Mycenae. My wife chose to stay in the bus because it was also cold. So, I walked up the path to the Lion Gate entrance to the citadel and took a lot of pictures. I had seen this famous gate on TV and now I was here! What a rush, I thought, as I walked through the gate and followed the guide inside the walls...
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