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Milan's Duomo Is A Magnificent Cathedral, Both Inside And Out.
cwo3ward @ 10/ 31/ 2009

Milan's DUOMO is a stunning cathedral and it is the third largest in Christendom.  The name "DUOMO comes from the Latin word domus, which means house.  In medievel times, people came to use DUOMO only to mean "House of God".  So the DUOMO in each city is the principle, or main "House of God", often also having a cupola. 


Milan's Duomo was started in 1386.  However, there was a church built on the site as early as the 5th century.  Many changes and improvements have taken place over the years.  There have also been major changes that came about because of extensive fire damage.  The history of the Duomo is long and interesting. 


The first time we were in Milan, the Duomo's facade was almost completely covered by scaffolding and we couldn't get a look at it.  Such a disappointment!  However, we went back in 2009 and the cathedral was visible in all its splendor!  Take a look at the pictures we took and you'll understand why the Duomo and the square are so incredible.  The Duomo is fabulous outside and we were so impressed with the inside as well.  The floors were incredible and the altars and stained glass windows were just amazing!  I wanted to spend a lot more time there, but as usual, we were time-limited.  I fully intend to return to Milan and see the Duomo again.  We are going to see the Last Supper next time and make a detour back to the Duomo to stroll the cathedral again!

What were the WOW moments you experienced?
The first time we were in Milan, the church was covered with scaffolding and huge signs. It was not possible to get a look at it. That was a disappointment, but three years later, we got the full impact of this marvelous cathedral. And it was worth the wait! When I rounded that corner and saw the Duomo shining in the sunlight, it was an amazing feeling. And we WILL climb up to the roof next time. I hear they even have an elevator!
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