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Angels And Demons - ILLUMINATI
cwo3ward @ 09/ 13/ 2009

In the Dan Brown novel "Angels and Demons, CERN scientist LEONARDO VETRA was killed and branded with the Illuminati ambigram.  An ambigram (ambi means both, as in ambidextrous) is a word that is legible both ways.  Professor Langdon had heard of the Illuminati ambigram, but had thought it only a myth.  The word Illuminati means 'the enlightened ones'.  The Illuminati formed out of a desire to fight the Catholic Church's inaccurate teachings.  Some well known people were part of the underground movement to promote science as an explanation for the world, rather than religion.  Galileo Galilei was an Illuminatus and also a devout Catholic.  He convinced the Illuminati not to strike back at the church, even though the Illuminati were ruthlessly hunted by the Catholic Church.

CERN is an actual facility located in Geneva, Switzerland.  CERN was built to provide particle accelerators for high-energy physics research.  It actually sits on the border between France and Switzerland.  CERN can also claim credit for the World Wide Web.  Established in 1954, there are 20 EU member states in the organization. 

Leonardo Vetra and his adopted daughter were working on a way to produce antimatter when he was killed.  The antimatter was stolen and was the subject of an intense and hair-raising search by Robert Langdon and Leonardo Vetra's daughter, Vittoria.   The rest of the novel takes place in Rome.

Note: I have not been to the CERN facility.  Consequently, I do not have any pictures.  If you have pictures or video to contribute, please submit an article and share your experience!

This series of articles is aimed at examining the sites in the Dan Brown novel (and now motion picture) Angels and Demons.  The book provided some insights into places in Rome that are often overlooked, simply because there are so many things to see in Rome.  Join me in learning more about these places and the history and people behind them.

What were the WOW moments you experienced?
The CERN facility is home to scientific study by European scientists. It is one of the leading facilities in the world.
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