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Pompeii - Pistrinum (The Bakery And Flour Mill)
cwo3ward @ 09/ 12/ 2009

This bakery has been very well preserved. In fact, loaves of carbonized bread were found here, which gives a good idea of what Pompeian bread looked like.


The millstones in the center were used to grind the grain, which was poured into the top and collected at the bottom. Either a human or an animal such as a donkey would turn the grinding stone using an arm fashioned out of wood. This bakery must have been a busy place, as it had four millstones. It also had the oven on the left, which baked the loaves. On the right were places to stack the loaves for cooling.


We had a chance to walk all around the bakery area. Many of these areas are open to the public. It was amazing to see this and I never would have expected to see such a well-preserved operation. The hot ash and cinders that rained down on the people of Pompeii froze everything in time. Bread was a very important food item and this operation was large and must have employed quite a few people. 

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The bakery was so well preserved. It was unexpected to be able to walk around in the bakery area and to look at everything up close. I could imagine people working in this area to bake bread loaves and cool them on racks.
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