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Pompeii - Fast Food Restaurant
cwo3ward @ 09/ 12/ 2009

Apparently, it was very common to have taverns with the front of the place open to the street. They were frequented by the local people and were quite popular as a way to get hot food.


The counters were made from pieces of marble and probably cemented together. The holes were receptacles for the food containers and a fire could keep the food hot. The owner or landlord of the tavern lived in the rear of the building. The business is referred to as a Thermopolium, or a hot food establishment.  I'm curious about what types of food would have been available there and how people would pay for it and take it away to eat it.  Roman coins, I believe, have been found there under the counter area. 


I've also read that people didn't cook in their own houses because of the fear of fire breaking out and destroying large parts of the city.  So places that could safely provide food were a vital part of the community.  There was no roof over the thermopolium, so it was hard to imagine the way it must have looked.  But, the place was on a corner and must have been busy, as it was right in the middle of houses and businesses. 

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The condition of the tavern was so good that you could almost imagine customers going in and out of the place with their hot dinner orders! It was an eerie feeling to be standing there wondering what it must have been like to patronize this establishment.
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