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The Leaning Tower Of Pisa
cwo3ward @ 08/ 22/ 2009

The Leaning Tower of Pisa has a really rich history.  It has been through a lot over the years and was built over a long span of time.  It is not the oldest of the other buildings in the "Piazza del Duomo".  The Cathedral and the Baptistery are older. 


The tower was started in 1173 during a period of prosperity.  It took a total of 177 years to actually complete the bell tower.  The construction was interrupted by a sinking substructure and did not resume for about 100 years.  There were also wars with Florence, Genoa and Lucca that continually slowed or halted the work. The construction was finally completed in 1377, when the bell chamber was completed.  In later years, bells were added, with the largest bell being installed in 1655.


Being on a whirlwind bus tour of Italian cities, we were allowed only a short time to walk around the Piazza dei Miracoli ("Square of Miracles").  There wasn't time to actually go to the top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa.  The tickets for the walk up to the top of the tower have start times in order to control the flow of people up and down the structure.  This will be another "next time" visit to look forward to.  If you are going on a bus tour to see any tourist sights, you need to ask in advance if there will be time alloted to go in and look around.  We usually had less than an hour to stroll around and try to see as much as we could.  This type of tour is only good for a look outside, unfortunately.

What were the WOW moments you experienced?
I hadn't seen any good pictures of Pisa'a famous tower before we went on a bus tour of Italian sights and cities. I knew we were going to Pisa, but I really didn't do any quick research on it. I was just amazed at what else was there. I was also not expecting the Tower to be leaning as much as it was. I had read a story about how they tried to straighten it. I knew they were somewhat successful in finally shoring the structure up and keeping it from getting any worse. But, people are still allowed to go to the top of the tower and walk around. Because of our limited time, we didn't go in and see the inside. It looks like the tower might still fall over. It's a weird sight!
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