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Trajan's Column
cwo3ward @ 07/ 27/ 2009

The first time I saw Trajan's Column, I was both impressed and confused. After looking it over, I wanted to know more about the Emperor Trajan. When standing there looking at Trajan's Column, you can also see Trajan's Market. The interesting thing about the whole area that is attributed to Emperor Trajan is that it doesn't look like much. So much of the Market and Forum is missing. So, you have to try and imagine what it might have looked like. But, it is still a sight to see.


Trajan's Column (according to a History Channel show I saw) was built to the same height as the hill that was removed to make room for it. Since there wasn't any open space left to build a new Forum and Market for Emperor Trajan, a hill was cleared away to make room to build. Trajan's Market was built right into the side of the hill in a semi-circular layout. Many historians claim that the semi-circle design was used to hold back the earth and that it also made the Market structure strong enough to last for many centuries.


The column itself has a circular inscription carved into it, which commemorates Emperor Trajan's victory in the Dacian wars. It is made up of 20 massive drums of Carrara marble, which is famous for its quality. At the top was a statue of Emperor Trajan. Later, the Emperor was removed and replaced by a statue of Saint Peter, still there today. The column is hollow inside and has 185 steps that lead to a platform at the top. It doesn't look that big when standing near it. The Emperor and his wife had their ashes placed in the base after their deaths in gold urns, a gesture of respect by the Roman Senate. Their ashes are no longer kept there. To get a better idea of what the column is all about, you can watch the video below.

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Trajan's Column is an engineering marvel. It is hard to comprehend how the Romans were able to hoist the huge marble drums and stack them so perfectly to form the column. And the carving is superb.
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