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About us

I love to travel and I want to do it full time later in life.  For now, I'm working and traveling when I can. Going from place to place in Europe or Asia is an excellent way to see and experience the local way of life - wherever you might end up.


I've made it my life's mission to see as much as I possibly can. I also want to preserve memories of my travels by getting pictures and writing travel articles to share with anyone who wants to read them. I'm excited to continue taking good pictures and video and posting it right here - on 10 Minute Travel.


In a few years, I'll be on my way to an around-the-world trip that will last at least 18 months. The plan is to go to Europe and start by staying in the south of France for 6 months to a year. We'll use France as our base to explore Morocco, Spain, Italy and anywhere else in the region. I am also looking forward to visiting Finland at some point. My family comes from Finland and Ireland, so a priority is going to be to visit both. Looking forward to it!