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10 Minute Travel offers a community for travel articles, reviews and travel tips all organized in an intelligent manner. 


10 Minute Travel Blog and WebsiteWelcome to 10 Minute Travel! Traveling is a personal thing. Most people like to see new and interesting things and also experience new cultures, foods and traditions. Are you the adventurous type? Do you look forward to heading off into the unknown? I like to plan a trip, prepare for it, and then go and experience it. When it is all over, I have wonderful memories, photos and souvenirs to remind me of the trips I've taken. Each time I go somewhere, I learn so much. I yearn for the day when I can head out on the road again. I'll bet you will find some new and interesting places to visit on our site! In 10 minutes, you can travel to a far-away place and learn something new and interesting - all on your next coffee break!


Our Travel articles bring travel to life, with pictures and video thrown in to enhance the written word.  At 10 Minute Travel, we also offer many helpful travel tips to read before you go.  We have reviews of hotels, wineries, travel accessories and anything that will make your travel experience better. Knowledge is definitely power when it comes to world travel.  Do some investigating before you go and be ready to get maximum enjoyment from your trips.  Click on a marker below to see the article or hotel review.  Click the title link to open the article or review.  Zoom in to city level to browse the map for the wonderful things you'll find there!


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Here are some of our favorite travel destinations:


Gold Brick From Taiwan Gold Mine


 I thought the gold brick above was amazing and very valuable when we were in Taiwan in 2006.  But now that the price of gold is through the roof, this massive nugget must be worth many millions.  We could reach through the display case and touch it.  It weighs 7,760 ounces and is worth (right now) about $10 million.  If gold keeps going up, then the sky is the limit!


The Island of Santorini


The Island of Santorini is fabulous.  There are more than 300 of these Greek Orthodox churches spread out over the small towns.  This church is up on the rim of the caldera in the very beautiful town of Oia.  You can read more about our trip to Santorini here.  


 The Erechtheion on the Acropolis in Athens, Greece


The Acropolis is a magnificent place to behold.  The Parthenon is world famous and an awesome sight.  The Erechtheion is also very well known and it is being reconstructed a little at a time.  You can find out more by going to the article on the Erechtheion.  While you're there, check out some of the other articles, reviews and travel tips.


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This site is intended to be a community of people who like to travel and share their experiences with others.  All work is original and property of this website.  We are committed to bringing our readers the best travel experiences on the web!

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